Eraserhead 2002, digital video, 4:59, part of Winter Night Screening Program 2015, Curated by Catherine Connolly Counihan Gallery Brunswick.

Originally exhibited RMIT Project Space , 2002.


The Illuminated Field
A Scintillation of Particles and Waves
The Observer Effect
Corrected Perspective
Thresholds & Displacements
The Implicate Order
XYZ-NYC 10 Downing










Movement always relates to change, migration to seasonal variation. And this is equally true of bodies. The fall of a body presupposes another one, which attracts it, and expresses a change in the whole which encompasses them both. If we think of pure atoms, their movements, which testify to a reciprocal action of all the parts of the substance, necessarily express modifications, disturbances, changes of energy in the whole. What Bergson discovers beyond translation is vibration, radiation…

If one were to define the Whole itself, it would be defined by relation. Relation is always external to the terms of the property of objects. Relation is inseparable from the whole and displays a spiritual or mental existence. Through relations, the whole may be transformed qualitatively. Duration or time itself is the whole of relations and the real whole itself might be said to be one indivisible continuity. There can be no set, or sheltered enclosure that is entirely sheltered or separated from the whole. Every set is connected to the whole; every frame is permeated by time and space. Gilles Deleuze, The Movement Image, 9-10.




All images copyright Leslie Eastman