XYZ-NYC 10 Downing with Natasha Johns-Messenger

The Illuminated Field
A Scintillation of Particles and Waves
The Observer Effect
Corrected Perspective
Thresholds & Displacements
The Implicate Order
XYZ-NYC 10 Downing





Synoptic 11 with Natasha Johns-Messenger

Cube, with Andy Thomson and Daniel von Sturmer in Strangely Familiar, curated by Claire Williams, ACCA, Melb,

General Review of Gain and Loss, with Andy Thomson and Daniel von Sturmer, Westspace, Melb 1996


Pointform, a collaboration with Natasha Johns-Messenger, Conical, 2004


Formless, with NJM, commissioned for Vanishing Point by Experimenta Art Inc. 2005


Synoptic 06 with NJM, MIR 11, 2006

Dark Light with NJM, Linden 2009

art of listening

The art of listening, Linden, 1997


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